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Who is Blaine Higgs?



Blaine Higgs puts the interests of the wealthy ahead of everyday New Brunswickers.

He opposed the Gallant government's new tax on the richest one per cent.


Blaine Higgs is #NotForYou



As finance minister, Blaine Higgs gave an unneeded tax break to big corporations.

His new priorities are to eliminate property taxes for big corporations altogether, to cut taxes for the wealthy, and to not invest a single extra dollar in education.

Blaine Higgs is #NotForYou



Blaine Higgs says we’re spending too much money, but when asked by a journalist where he’d cut:

“You’d love for me to say that wouldn’t you (...) you’d just love for me to say something like that”          

 – Blaine Higgs


Blaine Higgs is #NotForYou



“I don’t deny we have too many schools (…) I don’t deny we have too many hospitals”           – Blaine Higgs

As finance minister, Blaine Higgs froze health spending and cut education. He says if he’s elected, cuts will come back.


Blaine Higgs is #NotForYou



Blaine Higgs is against fairness.

He criticized a program that will invest 10 million dollars to end poverty in Saint John, while he supported a sweetheart tax break for the LNG terminal that has cost the City of Saint John millions.

Blaine Higgs is #NotForYou



Blaine Higgs was the failed finance minister in the last Conservative government.

Under his watch the economy shrank, thousands lost jobs and deep cuts were made to education and health care.

Blaine Higgs is #NotForYou


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